Heii On-Call

A spartan approach to on-call rotations, alerting, and escalation.

Rotation management

Add your engineers and define your on-call rotations. Our system will schedule shifts in the future according to your rotation. Future scheduled shifts are easy to reassign, move, or remove as reality wreaks havoc on your plans.

Service ownership

Define which rotation is responsible for which parts of your infrastructure. Start with one team and add more later as your company grows.

Triggers and alerts

Set what to alert on when. Choose from multiple types of customizable triggers. Heii On-Call will alert the currently on-call individual for the service that is on fire.

Mobile app alerts

Receive time-sensitive notifications through our lightweight iOS and Android apps. Keep production alerts from getting lost in the noise.

Trivial integration

No bulky libraries or custom binaries to install. Integrate using good old HTTPS. Read the docs.

Straightforward pricing

All the features
1 user (you)
$32 / month
All the features
Unlimited users

Your bill doesn't grow as you grow. Just a simple flat rate. Sign up now »

Curious about why we built Heii On-Call? Read our ‘Why’ page.