On-call rotation scheduling, alerting, escalations, and monitoring.
Heii On-Call (pronounced “hey”) is a spartan approach to managing on-call rotation scheduling, monitoring, and alerting. A simple set of tools to monitor every part of a modern web application, from personal projects to production systems.

Website & API monitoring

Outbound Probes are the easiest way to get started in seconds. Just type in a URL and Heii On-Call will fetch it periodically. You will get an alert when the application does not respond or responds with an error.

Cron job monitoring

Inbound Liveness Checks are for services that need to run on a schedule, like Cron Jobs or background processes. Heii On-Call provides a URL for your application code to check in with on a regular schedule. If we don't hear from the app before your specified timeout, you will get an alert.

API-driven triggers

Fully customizable. Works seamlessly with most APM tools like Datadog or Grafana, and lets you trigger alerts directly from your application using our API.

Tools that grow with you.

Rotation management

Unlike most other monitoring tools, rotation management is a first class citizen of Heii On-Call. Most people start with only one rotation with one person it, but Heii On-Call makes it trivial to add more engineers and define on call rotations.

Ensure equitable distribution of on-call time, and avoid burn out. Future scheduled shifts are trivial to reassign, move, or remove.

Service ownership

Split responsibilities for different systems across different rotations. Start with one team and add more later as the complexity of your application grows.

Triggers and alerts

Mix and match any of multiple types of customizable triggers to ensure you have coverage on all parts of your application including web servers, background workers, and cron-jobs. Heii On-Call will alert the currently on-call individual for the specific service that is on fire.

Mobile app alerts

Receive time-sensitive notifications through our lightweight iOS and Android apps. Keep production alerts from getting lost in the noise.*

*you can also get alerts through email or slack.

"We implemented the inbound liveness triggers last week... and it saved our butts today when the crons didn't run properly!"

Trivial integration

No bulky libraries or custom binaries to install. Integrate using good old HTTPS. Read the docs.

The essentials of reliable DevOps practice, all in one place.
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Heii On-Call
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Continuous uptime monitoring

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