Better Alerting for Heii On-Call iOS App

April 20, 2023

The Heii On-Call iOS app now has critical alerts for improved website monitoring.

Humberto Evans

Critical alerting

Heii! We're happy to announce that the Heii On-Call app for iOS has been granted the Critical Alerts entitlement by Apple. This means that alerts from Heii On-Call will always play a sound and deliver a notification, even if your phone is silenced or has Do Not Disturb enabled, making sure you never miss a single alert from any website monitoring you have configured. This also helps make sure you are able to respond when it is your turn in an on-call rotation, preventing the incident from being escalated to another member of your team.

Update to the latest version of Heii On-Call for iOS and you will be asked to grant the app permission to deliver Critical Alerts.

How to test notifications

You may verify that you are able to receive Critical Alerts by:

  1. Set your phone to silent.
  2. Enable Do Not Disturb.
  3. Close the Heii On-Call app.
  4. Tap the power button to put your phone to sleep.
  5. Using your computer, from the Notification Channels configuration page, send yourself a test message.

In a few moments, your phone should play an alert sound and show a Critical Alert notification similar to the following:

Critical Alert on iOS device