Introducing Heii On-Call

December 5, 2022

On-call rotation scheduling, alerting, monitoring, and escalation for engineering teams.

We're happy to introduce Heii On-Call, a Software-as-a-Service providing on-call rotation scheduling, alerting, monitoring, and escalation. We make sure the right person on a software engineering team gets alerted when something breaks in production.

What's an on-call rotation?

Engineering managers use Heii On-Call to define an on-call rotation schedule, so team members know who's the first responder when something breaks. Rotating this on-call responsibility among team members, typically on a weekly or daily basis, helps your team avoid on-call burnout and the uncertainty that results when everyone responds to every incident.

How are alerts delivered?

Time-sensitive notifications are delivered to the on-call individual through our Android and iOS mobile apps. We also support other integrations for delivering notifications, including Slack, Telegram, and email.

How do you monitor what's broken?

We provide a simple HTTPS API. See our developer documentation. You can send alerts to our API from your own application code, or from a third-party platform like Prometheus or Datadog. We also offer "inbound liveness" triggers which fire an alert when your code has not checked in within a defined time period, which can be used to monitor cron jobs, for example.

How do I get started?

Sign up here or email us at We're happy to help!